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  1. Greg Hughes says:

    Hi, Russ:
    I’m glad you like the software, but I’m afraid I’m going to need more information from you in order to help you.

    Create a support ticket, but be sure to provide more specific details (What is the format of your audio? Where are you storing the audio file? What step are you having trouble with? etc.)

    There a video that shows you how to make an audio player here:

    The link to the support desk is here:

    - Greg

  2. I actually can’t seem to get the audio player to work at all.

  3. Hi Greg,

    I upgraded my computer toswitch from Mac (Drag and Drop). I’m now running Windows with Parallels and loving the 90Second version! Truly remarkable!

    I’m in the learning and planning stages of designing a music intensive website. Is there an easy way to create an HTML5 audio player with playlist capability. I see that JQuery has something but I’m not knowledgable enough to understand how to implement it. Can you possibly create one in the future that would be accessible from the toolbar. As I’m a musician and work with many musicians, I can see a continuing need for it as I’m asked more and more to design websites. Thanks!

  4. Greg Hughes says:

    Use the LAYER tool to make your header. But set it’s properties to the STICKY mode. You will see that you can control where the layer “sticks” and how it animates within those settings.


  5. Roland Drescher says:

    Hi Greg,
    question: how can I fix the header, so that when the web-page will be scrolled down, the header and all which is within the header will be fixed on top of the page.
    Thanks for a reply.
    Greetings from Germany

  6. Greg Hughes says:

    Hi, Michael:
    The system folder would not be in the x86 directory. It is here:

    \My Documents\90 Second Website Builder\system\

    And templates would go into:

    \My Documents\90 Second Website Builder\system\templates\


    - Greg

  7. Michael Sullivan says:

    Having a little trouble I have version 9 but my x86 document folder does not have a system folder in it therefore I cannot reach system/templates folder to add templates to, can you help me?

  8. Greg Hughes says:

    You simply select a file in File Manager click the delete button or use an FTP app to do so. But that is not really the issue you are having. You corrupted the files by creating an addon domain inside a primary domain of the same name. See the support ticket I responded to in the help desk system for more details.

  9. Harold Calderon says:

    Good afternoon Gregory,

    I’m unable to delete files from the cpanel.
    Can you help? I have contacted you guys couple times. No solution yet!

  10. Greg Hughes says:

    A few weeks. We are producing all new videos and making a newer, bigger, better Members Only Area.

  11. peter says:

    when is 90 second website builder version 10 coming

  12. Greg Hughes says:

    cPanel is always at: where “” is your actual domain.

  13. Harold Calderon says:

    How do you access the C-panel?

  14. hay Geg how do i import my web site with 90 second webuilder 8.6 as have bought a new nextbook and like to re do some work on my site
    do you email me or does one go back to this forum

  15. hay Geg how do i import my exsisting web site with 90 second webuilder 8.6 as have bought a new nextbook and like to re do some work on my site
    do you email me or does one go back to this forum

  16. Mohamed Algamal says:

    hi Greg:
    I’ve built a j Query site.
    How do I activate the backspace keyboard key to return to the back after doing action. Necessary.

  17. Greg Hughes says:

    Not sure I know what you mean by “the best way to get it.” If you are asking about how to get the uploaded PDF, you would pull it off of the host server you had the user upload it to. You can do that with FTP software.

  18. Alan says:

    Hi Greg. I am using the form wizard to add a file upload which would be a .pdf or word. What is the best and safest way to get it?

  19. Dirk Erasmus says:

    Hi Greg. I successfully published my main site. I have now completed my mobile site and want to publish this on top of the main site using a folder. How do I go about? Do I just publish as with the main site. Where are folders necessary? With my host or in Site Manager. Are the same URL and public_html paths followed? I think I am getting too old for this. Dirk Erasmus

  20. Greg Hughes says:

    There is a form tool that allows File Upload. But that is something you want to use wisely. In fact, some hosts may limit you on the use of that function. The reason is that when someone can visit your site and upload a file to your server, they can cause severe security breach issues (virus, malicious file, etc.) So yo need to protect any page where you offer that feature AND you need to make sure your host will allow it.

    I have no idea what error message that is, but you should Google it. :)

  21. Konstadinos Gavriil says:

    Hello Greg.
    Im trying to setup a dynamik site but i have some questions.
    Is there any way to upload file with CMS? The plugin (file manager) that is coming with 90swb always shows a message (“File upload error: Upload failed, please verify the folder’s permissions.”).The other editors, that 90swb supports, dont have this option (Ck finder is too expensive i think).
    Finally, do you know this message (“Invalid query: Illegal mix of collations (greek_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’ “) after i save a page in CMS?

  22. Greg Hughes says:

    Most of your questions can be answered by reading the help file in the software itself, but this will give you some general info:

    There are a number of events you can trigger when a particular action takes place. Even more options appear now appear in Version 9. But what events you trigger with what actions varies somewhat depending on the object in question. The User Manual is the best way to get a comprehensive list of those options.

    CSS3 animation is just a new protocol that 90 Second Website Builder uses to write code for what you are designing. It gives you more design animated options with better page load speed.

    There are few ways to add HTML code to your web pages. You can use the PAGE HTML feature, the HTML Tool or you can publish any page(s) to your desktop and edit it with any other text/html editor if you want. I have videos about using HTML on the video page:

    For your final questions, refer to the User’s Guide for more comprehensive details about EVENT properties..if that doesn’t help you, experiment with it and learn about what it does.

    - Greg

  23. Konstadinos Gavriil says:

    Hello Greg.
    I think that your software is very good but i have a couple of questions :

    1.Is there any video that shows the following:
    a)When an event is happened, a function that user has created (and maybe its in an external file *.js) is called.
    b) what exactly is CSS3 animation?

    2.Is there a possibillity to open an html file with 90 second website builder to add something for example?

    3. I think there is a bug when you save your project. Some changes that you made disappear. For example when i used the transperant tool on image, when i saved the site the image changed in the initial state.

    4. What is onbeforeonload event?

    Thank You!

  24. admin says:

    If you already have a domain name to host, then you will select MANAGE DOMAIN MYSELF when you get to that step. We just need to know what domain we are hosting.

    Call if you need help.


    Greg Hughes
    1292 High St- Suite 219
    Eugene, OR 97401
    (541) 343-3653
    Skype: greg.hughes12

  25. Harold Calderon says:

    I’m trying to purchase a hosting service, but the site page won’t let me move further. I have already a domain name.

    Thanks for your help!


  26. Greg Hughes says:

    I always store my video files on Amazon’s S3 servers.
    That way I don’t use bandwidth on any of my own web servers.

    You can Google Amazon S3 for more info about how to do that. (It’s very affordable.)

    Greg Hughes
    1292 High St- Suite 219
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Skype: greg.hughes12

  27. Thanks for answering so quickly Greg, still not sleeping huh? :-). Thank you for the high quality customer service & support.

    One last question (yeah right Mike), where do you host your videos?



  28. admin says:

    Wow, Michael:
    Time goes by quick! I’ve been doing business online since 1996, so you found me just a couple years after I started in the hosting business :-) Thanks for your long term support!

    Yes, there is a video about anchoring (bookmarks). It is Video #7 in the Quick Start Video Series here:

    Your test sites look great. Looks like the WP Video template you got pulled in just fine into 90 Second Website Builder. Sometimes when you import an 3rd party template not everything translates into a drag and drop environment. But that page looks pretty good.

    I haven’t made an affiliate video yet. I’m kind of backed up on videos. There are so many I need to make, that I am a little behind on that.

    Plus I’m going to be announcing a new website soon that will have quite a lot of video tutorials…so I’ve got my work cut out for me.


    Greg Hughes
    1292 High St- Suite 219
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Skype: greg.hughes12

  29. Hey Greg,
    I was checking my paypal account for and old transaction I needed to look up and I noticed a transaction with “Greg Hughes, Teknonmedia”, this was from 2003! Wow! I’ve been doing business with you for over 10 years! amazing!

    Just wanted share that, my question is, is there video that tells me how to link to items, images etc., on the same page? I guess it’s called anchoring. See The green buttons from the top down to link to the gray area & the add to cart at the bottom.

    If you have time another website I’m working on is at, both these sites are basically under construction, I did .testit from scratch, and I pulled in the html for testit2. All that with 90 second website builder. Awesome product Greg, absolutely, awesome!
    Any word on that affiliate video yet?

    Thanks much,
    Mike Winston

  30. admin says:

    Not sure which feature you are looking for Ken, because there aren’t “plug-ins” for 90 Second Website Builder. But you may be referring to what we call “extensions” and all the Version 8 extensions are all here:



  31. Kenrick O'Garro says:

    Hi greg where can i get the plugin so i could plugin and get feature so i could get some cool features?

  32. admin says:

    You have to publish the files to generate the website first. You can’t edit a 90 Second Website Builder PROJECT in anything but 90 Second Website Builder.

    But you CAN edit the website that gets generated from that project in any html editor (including Komposer.)

    90 Second Website Builder generates standard html websites and all the necessary files. So as long as you publish all the files needed, the site can be edited in any html editor. It’s just hard to work with unless you are familiar with code and website file structure.

    Just make sure they get ALL the files that the software generates (CSS, images, scripts, jQuery, html, xml, php files etc.)

    It’s going to be a lot easier for them to use 90 Second Website Builder and work with the original file. Besides, it’s only $69.95 and you can sell it to them thru your affiliate link and earn 50% :-)

    But if they don’t want that…it can be done in Komposer once you hand off the standard website files to them.

    - Greg

  33. Chris Porter says:


    I tried to edit the site in Kompozer.
    It does not work.

    I was wondering how my customers who I would be building websites for are going to make changes to their site without having to buy 90 second site builder.

    Ok let me know.

    Chris Porter

  34. Greg Hughes says:

    No… you can install on up to 3 computers with the same license code.
    If you need more licenses, contact me at



  35. Alfonso Bordiu Barreda says:

    Dear Sirs

    5 licenses can be activated with a single key?


  36. admin says:

    The File Upload tool is part of the FORM TOOLS so it needs to be included in a FORM AREA along with a submit button, etc. If you watch the forms video thru the link below, you will see how to create a form (and include any form objects you want):

    The unique thing about the File Upload feature is this: what you can have uploaded and how large the file is may be limited by your host as this can cause a security issue. So make sure your host allows this and see if there are limitations. That way you can inform your visitors as well.

    - Greg

  37. Rodney Decarteret says:

    Is there a video on how to create a file upload button? I added the file upload icon but there is not submit button. I want users to be able to upload and send their resume.


  38. admin says:

    Wow, Kathy, what a nice thing to say. Your post was the first thing I saw when I logged in this morning. What a nice way to start my day.
    Thanks for taking the time to post it :)


  39. kathy sheraw says:

    I can’t even imagine a company with better customer service than yours. I honestly feel like I just bought something from a good friend who actually cares if I’m happy with it or if I need any help with it. Thank you!!

  40. Greg Hughes says:

    Hi, Glenn:
    Yes, I pasted in all the affiliate code snippets you sent me using the HTML tool and they all worked fine for me. Either you are pasting in with the wrong tool?…or you are missing a character when you paste. If you publish the page to your hosting account and send me a link, I will take a look at your code and see if I can find what you are doing. Probably something simple. All it takes is for one “dot” to be out of place.


  41. Glenn Cressy says:


    I have run into a problem with the software. I have two affiliate sites and I want to put them. onto my index page. One ia Amazon and the other is CheapOair. I have the html download links but, when I copy and paste them they do not go to the banner ads and I am at a lose as to where to get a good answer. Can you help?


  42. admin says:

    Thanks, Timothy…Has it already been 6 years?? Wow. Thanks for the nice comments :-)


  43. I’ve been using 90 Second Website builder for about six years now and am so glad I discovered this software. It is feature rich and has worked perfectly for me. It is a brilliant application that even experienced web designers will quickly discover is absolutely incredible. I simply cannot get enough of this software.

  44. admin says:

    Hi, Jim:
    The best way to know if your software is updated is to simply go to If you are using anything prior to Version 7.6.4, you should upgrade.

    Since you are using Version 5, you should look at this:
    That page shows you how to get an upgrade.

    There have been significant changes since Version 6 – so V5 is pretty old.


    Greg Hughes

  45. Jim Perrone says:

    I purchased back in April 2010. I have ver 5.5. My question is, how do I check for any updates to the software? Also my email has changed since I have moved to a different state do I need to update that with you. My new email is below. Thanks…

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