Every month, about 50,000 people search Google to look for a way to build a website, but most end up finding it too difficult or expensive.  90 Second Website Builder solves both of those problems and you can profit from this niche while earning 25% in commission doing so.

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90 Second Website Builder Affiliate Program

Earn 25% for each sale you refer to 90 Second Website Builder through your affiliate link.
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*Affiliate Commission Information

Qualified affiliates for 90 Second Website Builder earn a commission of 25% of the selling price not including shipping fees (if applicable). Affiliate payments are made to qualifying affiliates on the last calendar day of the month for sales up through the previous calendar month. If an affiliate's commission balance is under $100.00, the commission balances are rolled over into the next monthly cycle. Affiliates with commission balances of less than $100.00 may request a commission payment if their balance of less than $100.00 has been carried for 90 days or more. That request can be made via email by contacting: affiliatesupport@90secondwebsitebuilder.com.
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90 Second Website Builder

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This software is an offline Windows based drag and drop web design software program. It does not need to be uploaded to a web server or online platform. It installs and runs on your computer.  You can install this website builder on up to 3 different computers with the same license code.

90 Second Website Builder is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It will also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.)
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