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Tips for Using Master Page Objects

Master Frames is a design concept where your website has a constant frame and only the inner part of the pages changes.
In 90 Second Website Builder you only have to design the frame once and then reuse it in all other pages.

You can even automatically expand the layout if the content is larger than the content place holder.
If the content is smaller than the place holder there is also an option to center it in the area.

During preview/publish this content place holder will be replace with the actual content of the page.

To indicate that a page must use the master frame, you must configure it in the Misc settings of the Page Properties.

This feature does not use frame sets or inline frames. The master frame and content page will be merged into one page when it is preview/published. So the output is only one HTML file, the master frame only exist during design mode.

Very important: When using master frames it’s very important to make sure all ID’s of the objects are unique.

The ID attribute specifies a unique id for an HTML element (the value must be unique within the context of the page).

If the ID is not unique then you will have multiple style definitions for the same ID. In that case the browser will the style that appear last in the style sheet.

Also if multiple object use the same ID then JavaScripts (like menus, events, carousels, jquery obejct etc) will not function properly.

So it’s VERY IMPORTANT that all IDs are unique within the context of the page.

Normally 90 Second Website Builder will give objects unique names automatically. However if you use one of more “Master Objects” or master frames then IDs may be duplicated, since the software can not distinguish a master from a normal page.


To check for possible conflicts, please use Menu->Tools->Error Reports.


You can change the ID of an object in the Property Inspector or in the Object Manager.

We recommend to give objects on a master objects names with a prefix like Master_ .  Your object ID might then be: Master_Text1
This will make sure that if the master page is used in another page with an object called Text1, the ID of the objects will now be unique.

You can also enable the option ‘Include page name in automatically generated IDs’ in Menu->Tools->HTML.


Master Page Tips:

· The objects on a master frame are cloned “AS IS”, so make sure the IDs of objects on the master page are unique.
You can change the ID in the Properties Inspector. It’s good practice to give them a prefix, like master_, this will prevent duplicated IDs on a page.


· We do not recommend using a master frame as part of another master frame to prevent infinite loops.


· The option ‘Use hover state style to indicate the current page’ in navigation tools will not work in combination with master objects, because there will be only one set of images for that object. The same images will be used on all pages.


· The master frame should be in the same folder as the pages than are using it. This is especially important if you are using internal links, because the links will be relative to the master frame so if the page is in another folder then they are not valid.

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Posted on Dec 4, 2013

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