With all the jargon and lingo that flies around when it comes to talking about developing for mobile devices, building mobile websites, using mobile friendly design and building responsive websites, it can create a lot of confusion.

First…It’s important to understand the difference between mobile-friendly (responsive) and a mobile website. They are very different.

A mobile-friendly website is something you build with the RESPONSIVE tools in 90 Second Website Builder Version 10 and above (Version 9 and earlier doesn’t have this feature).

A mobile-friendly website is one that responds to browsers on a mobile devices by changing the layout of the site to accommodate a smaller window.

A Mobile Website is something you use the Mobile Website Builder in 90 Second Website Builder for. Mobile Websites are built on a jQuery/HTML 5 platform. They are inherently responsive as well, but coded with a somewhat different protocol.

A mobile website is virtually the same as a mobile app – except that it is stored on a web server instead of downloaded to the user’s device as it’s own file. But the structure and programming are virtually the same. Also a Mobile Site needs to be stored in it’s own directory, whereas a mobile-FRIENDLY web page is just single page with multiple variations of it’s layout built-in to your normal desktop website. Those variations (breakpoints) respond according to the device that is viewing the page.

Watch my video about using 90 Second Website Builder to make responsive websites here:

Watch my video about making Mobile Websites with the Version 10 (and above) Mobile Site Builder (also NOT available in Version 9).

- Greg Hughes

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Posted on May 25, 2015

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