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Version 9 of 90 Second Website Builder has just launched today on February 14, 2013. With over 150 new features, updates, improvements and fixes, this version is by far the most powerful in 90 Second Website Builder history.

Here are just a few of the latest updates…

New Ribbon Style Interface for faster access to tools and settings.
New Animation Feature for Many Objects.
New Rotate, Toggle, Toggle Style and Timer options to events.
Added ‘Split button’ and ‘Button set’ modes to jQuery Button.
New Timer object. The Timer object makes it possible to trigger actions based on timer events
Improved Tab Menu, now with gradient and shadow support.
Added many new options to the Carousel.  New page transition effects and more control over the navigation.
Added PHP mailer support to form processor. You can now select from ‘mail’, ‘qmail’, ‘sendmail’ and ‘smtp’.
Added the ability to manually configure @font-face web fonts.
Added 3D rotation (CSS3) and many other animations to Roll Over Image.
Added 6 great new CSS3 animations to Roll Over text. Let text fly in, spin, zoom and more.
Added ‘Do not encode HTML characters’ option to the text object.
Redesigned Slide Show with many new options, caption, animations and styling. Also added navigation button options.
Added HTML5 support to Flash Video Player. Now the player should be compatible with all platforms.
Added new option: ‘URL parameters for internal links’. This makes it possible to specify parameters for internal links.
It’s now possible to open links in a lightbox by using ‘Open in a lightbox’ as the target.
Added support for alpha values in background and gradient colors.
Added support for ‘text-shadow’ in the Style Manager.
Added new Site Search options:Result count, different colors for search terms, display result in another page and more.
Added ‘transition’ option to hyperlink styles to animate color changes of links.
Added new effects to images: Transparent Gradient, Tilt Shift, Night Vision, Blue Print, Edge preserving blur, UrbanInk, Effect, Holga, Old Movie and Polaroid Stack.
Added HTML beautifier option for easier to read code.
New layer features: anchored layer, floating layer (for responsive web layouts), modal layer, and more


See more new features for 90 Second Website Builder Version 9 here:

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Posted on Feb 14, 2014

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