All About E-Commerce and 90 Second Website Builder

All About E-Commerce and 90 Second Website Builder

I’m often asked if 90 Second Website Builder is “compatible” with certain payment systems, shopping carts or e-commerce platforms.

The answer is: Yes…it works with ALL of them.

But more importantly, here’s why…

E-commerce or shopping cart systems are usually a 3rd party service you subscribe to and link your website and/or the products on your website to. 90 Second Website Builder can be used with ANY shopping cart system or e-commerce platform because it is just a matter of linking to them. They all work basically the same….you get the link code from the cart service provider and use it as a hyperlink on your website. Your website is never the shopping cart itself – no matter what you design your site with.

Sometimes, you will simply paste in a code snippet provided by the e-commerce service and that\’s it. (You would use the HTML tool in 90 Second Website Builder for that and drag it into place on the page.)

Websites with e-commerce always LINK to an outside e-commerce platform. That’s even how PayPal works. Ultimately the e-commerce transaction occurs on THEIR website, then takes the user back to yours. So it’s just a link that handles that trip to the 3rd party server and then back to your site again.

But since there are dozens, if not hundreds of e-commerce platforms, each one will provide code that looks a little different and has different features.

The PayPal short cuts are included in 90 Second Website Builder because it’s the most common, easiest and its inexpensive. Technically, you can install a shopping cart script or application on your own domain through your hosting account. But that is almost never practical. It costs a lot more than meets the eye. First, you need to obtain or purchase a shopping cart server application, install it and set it up to be configured correctly and you usually must do this on a special hosting account that has a non-shared SSL Certificate installed on a dedicated IP address. If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. And usually expensive. (Not the same thing as free, shared SSL). And you still haven’t set up the merchant account for processing credit cards yet.

That’s why most e-commerce sites simply connect to a 3rd party service or payment processing system like PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, Volusion, 2CheckOut, etc. The service you use largely depends on the kind of product(s) you are selling; whether or not you are tracking inventory and whether you are shipping goods or delivering digital information products (such as e-books, software, videos, membership access).

Some of these services will still require you to have a merchant account for accepting credit cards while others will process payments for you.

If you don’t know where to begin with e-commerce, PayPal is the least expensive and easiest to work with. They process every kind of payment for you ( all credit cards, PayPal funds, foreign currency, e-checks, etc.) It’s why we built it in to 90 Second Website Builder.

Here’s another way to summarize how 90 Second Website Builder works with eCommerce:

  • 90 Second Website Builder works with any 3rd party shopping cart.
  • Since your shopping cart is simply something you LINK to when your customer wants to make a purchase, those links and the actual check-out experience are provided by the shopping cart service itself.
  • All you do is paste in the appropriate link(s) in your website using 90 Second Website Builder. That’s why you can use ANY eCommerce solution… because a shopping cart is something you SEND your customer to at the point of check out.
  • You use to 90 Second Website Builder to create a website that DISPLAYS your products, prices and descriptions, etc. but your shopping cart acts as your check out stand because you have simply linked to it.

Hope that helps:)

Greg Hughes

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