Do 90 Second Website Builder and WordPress Play Well Together?

Whenever anyone asks me if 90 Second Website Builder works with WordPress, I answer with an analogy about carpenter’s tools. Since I am a web developer, I look at my web design tools (like 90 Second Website Builder, WordPress, PhotoShop, etc.) the same way a carpenter might look at this.  These tools all do different things – yet work together to accomplish the goal of my project.

I use 90 Second Website Builder to build the main parts of my websites…like this one:

…but I use WordPress to create the BLOG areas of my websites like the one you are at now:

Why do I do this?

Simple. Its easier.

While technically, you can create a Content Management area of your website with 90 Second Website Builder, I find WP too easy to ignore. Also, WP is inherently built on a database so it makes my content searchable and easy to categorize for my visitors.

So then why not use WordPress for my main websites (sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.)?  That’s easy to answer as well…because 90 Second Website Builder is so much better for that! 90 Second Website Builder has design flexibility that WP can’t even come close to.  I can make my websites look EXACTLY the way I want them to with 90 Second Website Builder.  Can’t do that with WordPress. WordPress is limited to modular design based on themes, posts, categories… while 90 Second Website Builder  is fully flexible as the design platform is based on fixed positioning for website objects. In other words, it is drag and drop.

90 Second Website Builder creates static (and far more secure) websites than WP does.  This is because WP has to be built online and can be very difficult to migrate if you don’t know what you are doing because it is only stored on the host.  90 Second Website Builder websites are stored on MY local computer.  What I generate from those source files gets uploaded or published to the web server.  But my original website source files are always safe and sound OFFLINE on my own PC.  This is one of the greatest advantages to developing your site OFFLINE and the way 90 Second Website Builder works.

90 Second Website Builder is extremely portable and can be uploaded to multiple hosts because your site is also stored locally offline.

As a side note, most WP users are unaware of the risks of using a dynamic content website, so their sites are often hacked.  So to use WP, you have to be careful, but it can be managed safely if you know what to do.

It’s simple to implement both of these tools in your development process.  To use WP as part of your domain, just install your WP files into a sub-directory on your hosting account. (For example:  If you don’t know how to do that, contact your host.  If your host is KloudWire , we will do it for you at no charge.

So I use both of these web development tools for the same reason a carpenter might use a hammer as well as a saw…they do very different things, but can be exploited to accomplish the same goal…that is, to create a full featured, easy to use website for my customers. They do not technically “work” together…but they can LIVE together on the same domain. Hope that helps.

  • Greg Hughes

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