How to Create Email Newsletters with 90 Second Website Builder

E-mail newsletters can be created using HTML components (images, links etc.) And while an HTML-based e-mail document appears to be just another HTML page,this is not entirely true. Unlike modern browsers, email clients only support a limited subset of HTML. Most email clients do not support CSS and therefore you will need to follow a few guidelines to make sure your Newsletters can be displayed in all major email clients.

The most important step is to set the layout mode of the page to Table Layout. You can do that in the Page Properties (Menu – >Page – >Page Properties – >Misc – >Layout Mode). Now 90 Second Website Builder will use (invisible) tables to position objects on the page.

This has one huge disadvantage: you cannot overlap objects. So your layout cannot have objects on top of each other. To work around this limitation you can use the Merge option, to merge multiple objects into a single image.

Here’s a list of the most important limitations of HTML email:

• You cannot put objects on top of each other. Overlapping is not supported. Merge objects to bypass this limitation.

• External CSS Style sheets are not supported. (Disable in Menu->Tools->Options->HTML).

• JavaScript (this includes navigation, events, jQuery based objects) is not supported.

• Forms will usually be displayed, but they will not be functional.

• Flash and other media files are not supported.

• Background images are not supported.

• Relative or internal links will not work. Always use absolute links (for example:

Tip: Always test your emails before you send them out.

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