Membership Websites with 90 Second Website Builder and SiteLok from Vibralogix

Membership Websites with 90 Second Website Builder and SiteLok from Vibralogix

90 Second Website Builder has some pretty powerful features that range in skill level requirements. Most tools are easy to work with for users of all levels. Even beginners can easily add and work with text, images, videos, backgrounds and most other  web page objects.

But 90 Second Website Builder also has a few select tools that are so powerful they require a higher skill level – or at least more practice.  Among those more advanced features are the log-in tools.

Since this set of feature-rich web objects are flexible and powerful enough to create basic password protected areas of your website,  you can create a very robust members-only area with them, as long as you take the time to learn how they work.

However, with the privilege of powerful design tools comes the responsibility and investment in learning how to use them. And sometimes you may not have the time to learn everything about every feature. Sometimes, I like shortcuts – especially when it comes to my web design workflow.  If there is a faster and/or better way to accomplish something, I will use that tool even if it is outside of the confines of the 90 Second Website Builder set of tools.

A great example of this is how I create the membership and password protected areas of my own websites. While you can build (almost) any kind of membership area with 90 Second Website Builder, the more complex you want it, the more effort it will take to develop it.  I prefer an easier, faster route.  So, for my membership area, I use a 3rd party program called SiteLok.  I love it so much, I wrote to the makers of this product at Vibralogix  just to praise them for such an incredible back-end membership program. It’s what runs the 90 Second Website Builder Membership area…and all the membership areas of all my future websites 🙂

While every single page of content on my membership area is designed with 90 Second Website Builder, the login, database, password protection, membership levels, emailing script, customer profiles, activity logs, etc. are all run in the background by SiteLok – a very inexpensive program.  I’m not a reseller or affiliate for Vibralogix and I get nothing for recommending them, but because I do like them so much (and because they are such nice people), they produced a special user’s guide just for 90 Second Website Builder customers on how to use their program with ours to create robust membership websites.  I recommend you take a look at it if you want an excellent way to build a powerful password-protected membership area for your website.

Their manual on using 90 Second Website Builder with SiteLok is on that same page. You will love the way it works (and their support is excellent.)

– Greg Hughes

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