Using Templates

Using Templates

Templates can later be used by you (or someone else) as the base for a new website or page.

When you save a website project as a template, it will include all of the images and other objects in the template file. So there is no need to copy these files separately. You simply copy one template file from one computer to another and you can start or continue working on your website project.

You can save your website project (.wbs) as a website template file (.wtp) by going to File > Save Website As… > 90 Second Website Builder Template

90 Second Website Builder Templates have the .wtp extension and are saved in the sub folder \templates of the 90 Second Website Builder system in your documents folder. C:\Users\YourName\Documents\90 Second Website Builder\system\templates
where YourName is the name of your Windows user account.

Also note that the template folder in the system directory should ONLY contain templates (.wtp files).  Sub-folders within this directory will be listed as categories inside the Template Selection/Installation interface in the software.

Create a New Website Based on a Template
Select File->New Web Site From Template to display the Template Installation / Selection window.


Install a Template
Templates (.wtp files) can be installed by clicking the Install button and locating the .wtp file on your PC.  The software will add the template to your \system\templates folders.

Additional templates can be downloaded from inside the Members Only area here.

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